Your place will be confirmed after we receive your booking form and the appropriate payment.

2a. If you wish to cancel the booking or any part thereof you must notify us immediately in writing.
Until written confirmation is received we will continue to hold your reservation.
All cancellations will be acknowledged.
Cancellations incur the following charges on the total booking value:
• More than 56 days before school starts: loss of deposit only
(deemed 15% of fees paid).
• 56-29 days: 50% of the total price.
• 28-15 days: 65% of the total price.
• 14-1 day: 100% of the total price.
• On or after the holiday starts: 100% of the total price.
If cancellation is due to illness an appropriate refund may be given subject to the illness being
medically certified.
2b. If cancellation is due to illness a full refund may be given subject to the illness
being medically certified and the illness not being a pre-existing condition.
Cancellation charges in section 2a do not apply to medical cancellations.

4a. Booking
Responsibility for the details of bookings and for payments lies
with the person making the initial booking. Replacement of any booking confirmation or duplicate
paperwork will incur an administration charge of £5.00 per item requested.
4b. Late payments
Returned Cheques and Declined Cards. A £15.00 charge will be made on any cheque
returned by the company’s bank or declined cards by Streamline.
Any account left unsettled after the balance due date will automatically incur a
£15.00 charge.
4c. Incompatibility
We reserve the right to decline any Booking or exclude any child at any time prior to
or during the school or activity if in our reasonable opinion the behaviour
of the child is disruptive, dangerous or incompatible (whether as a result of any illness,
disability, social behavioural problem(s) or otherwise) with the general enjoyment of
other visitors. For the avoidance of doubt if any child is reasonably
deemed to be incompatible by Us by reason of their objectively agreed
disability prior to Booking or during the holiday or activity we shall consider any reasonable
adjustments that We and/or the incompatible child in question
may make in order that their behaviour is no longer deemed by us to be incompatible and that
We may be prepared to accept their Booking or allow them to continue with their Holiday or
activity. You agree and acknowledge that if we in our absolute
discretion deem that any adjustments (whether made by us and/or You and/or the party
member(s) in question) are not reasonable and/or are reasonable but are likely to adversely
impact (eg, from a safety or any other similar perspective) on any other child) School or
activity then Our decision to decline the Booking or exclude a child is final and shall not be open
to legal challenge. Any additional costs so incurred shall be entirely Your responsibility and
no refund applies. You shall advise Us at the time of Booking and immediately after
Booking fully in writing of Your child’s name contact details and any requirements needs or
personal circumstances that You reasonably consider may affect the child during the Holiday
including special dietary requirements illness disabilities any social behavioural problems
(e.g, ADHD or any equivalent or similar or any other affliction that may render the child Incompatible as defined at clause 4a above that a child currently has or has recently experienced or any other such personal and/or sensitive information (Personal Information).
4d. School Rules
All parents are required to read and explain the school’s health and safety rules to their children which
will be sent in advance of their holiday in your Parent Welcome Information. The French
Summer School will not be held liable for any resulting injury if a child ignores these or specific instructions
of the Group Leaders, eg leaving their group, climbing on equipment or going into Out of Bounds areas.
4e. Damage Liability
We reserve the right to reclaim costs incurred for any damage
caused by your child/ren to any French Summer School or
Contractor’s property and buildings.

All accounts must be fully paid before we can accept a child at school. To take advantage of the Early Bird Discounts
payments must be received in full no later than 30th May 2014.
Full payment of standard fees will be required for all places booked after these dates.

Please note, we reserve the right to levy an administration charge of £15 if you change your booking less than 56 days before your summer school session starts. Bookings which include Extended hours, transport
and lunch can only be transferred if availability remains on both the date you are changing from
and the new date you have chosen. No refund is due if cancellations are made less than 56 days before your placement starts if any of these elements are cancelled.

All your child’s personal property is your own responsibility, unless loss or damage is proven to be due to The French Summer School’s negligence. If anything is missing when your son or daughter leaves School please let the
Onsite Manager know about it right away as there may still be time to find it before School
closes down at the end of the season. Expensive and treasured items such as jewellery, CD players, personal video
games, mobile phones, designer clothes/shoes/trainers, etc., should not be brought to school as they are
often unnecessary and inappropriate for summer school activity.

Some of our school program includes excursions and off-site activities. All our usual standards of care and supervision apply. All children may participate in off-site events unless we specifically receive
written notification to the contrary from parents or guardians.

The timetables for certain activities are subject to alteration in the event of wet weather
conditions, or other factors which are beyond our control. In the event sessions are cancelled
due to safety reasons, or factors beyond our control, we will not be contractually obliged to
give any refund, but we will look at every case on its own merits.

We accept responsibility for personal injury and for loss and damage generally, but only if
caused by the proven negligence of the company or its employees. We do not accept
responsibility for events which are outside of our direct control. These include
(but not exclusively) force majeure events such as strikes, bad weather, war,
etc. and injury, loss or damage that may occur while we are using third parties or
sub-contractors such as transportation companies. We act as an agent for transportation
companies, from whom detailed conditions of carriage are available.

In the unlikely event that a child experiences a problem or difficulty while at the School, the
matter should be reported immediately to:
1. The Onsite Manager who has the authority and direct knowledge to deal with most queries.
2. If he or she fails to resolve the difficulty to your satisfaction, then write to us at
info@ailouradis.com within 10 days of your child leaving school. We will only consider
compensation complaints if both these conditions are met.

(a) The copyright of all photography appearing in our brochures belongs to
The French Summer School. No reproduction may be made without prior permission from the
(b) Please inform The French Summer School if you do not want your child’s photograph
taken. It may be used in future brochures.

This brochure is the responsibility of The French Summer School. The details in this brochure
are published in good faith as of January 2014. They are not issued on behalf of the
schools at which The French Summer School takes place.

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