Our story

I’ve always been intrigued by different languages, cultures and ways of communicating and can remember as a child, forcing my friends to pretend that we spoke another language. We would babble to each other in our ‘foreign tongues’ convinced that listeners would believe we were from some far flung lands!

After studying languages at university, I was determined that if I had children I would raise them bilingually. Obtaining a Masters in Bilingualism helped me truly understand the way children acquire second languages and informed most of my decisions on how to ensure I supported my own children in their bilingual journey.

Both of my daughters attended a fantastic French immersion nursery school in London, however, as we were not French nationals we struggled to secure a place in any of the French primary schools. In an effort to maintain their bilingual abilities, I employed French Au Pairs and searched for a French holiday camp they could attend during the school breaks.

Surprisingly, given the number of French families in London, I was unable to find anything and so decided to launch a scheme myself – and so les Trois Pitons Colonie de Vacances (formerly The French Summer School) was born. The idea of the programme is simple: to help support French families to maintain their child’s heritage language in a fun and contextual environment; and to provide English-speaking children with an engaging and stimulating environment where they can naturally acquire French and see the relevance of learning a second language. The focus of the programme is to build each child’s confidence speaking French- whether they are complete beginners or completely bilingual. Trois Pitons Colo will provide the support, enjoyment and resources to encourage them on their bilingual journey.

Zerrne Henderson

Founder & Mother

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