Our Philosophy

Exploring the French language and culture through the 5 senses

At Les Trois Pitons Colonie de Vacances, we take a holistic approach to language learning and cultural exploration.
We offer each child the opportunity to experience the language and culture through the 5 senses, imitating as far as possible, the natural environment in which most children acquired their first language.
In this way, children can fully engage with their language learning experience and appreciate the contextual relevance of the summer programme.

We have activities and workshops which help to develop the children’s auditory skills. Getting them used to identifying French sounds and intonation. We also engage them musically through singing, chanting and drumming.

Eating forms a big part of French life as well as our programme at Trois Pitons Colo. Children are encouraged to identify what they are eating and also participate in cooking and chocolate making workshops

Offsite children will be supported to describe what they smell in the world around them, whether that be in the local woods or the local pig sty!

As part of the engagement process, children are actively encouraged to hold, feel and describe the world around them. Offering further support to the contextual learning programme.

We go offsite to experience the ‘wider community’. During trips to the local woods and wildlife centres, children are encouraged to use their vocabulary to identify the world around them.

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