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DSC_0048 IMG_4060DSC_0047DSC_0048 The French Summer School is a holiday play scheme for French and non French speaking primary school children.  The aim of the scheme is to provide children with a fun and stimulating environment, where, immersed in French, they will be enthused with the desire to continue learning. The programme, developed by a mother and expert in Bilingualism, is designed to encourage children in the their language learning journey.  Confidence and motivation play an integral role in the ultimate success of learning a new language.  We hope to instil both, in all the children attending The French Summer School, with inclusive games, activities and workshops, delivered through the medium of French. As a parent, it can be difficult to know the best way to support your child in the acquisition of a second language. Even bilingual parents can struggle with helping their children to understand the benefit of speaking two (or more) languages. That is why The French Summer School seeks to offer an alternative.  Children can’t help but be enthralled by workshops led by native French speakers who are clearly passionate about their own subject and about sharing it with others. 
We hope that your children will share their passion for their subject areas and for language learning, becoming invigorated and inspired to be confident French speakers!

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