Trois Pitons Colonie de Vacances

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Summer Registration Open – Camp Dates 21st July – 19th August.
Early Booking Discount available before 30th April 2016 – Don’t Miss Out!

About us

Trois Pitons Colonie de Vacances is a French language immersion holiday camp for French and non-French speaking primary school children.

The aim of the scheme is to provide children with a fun and stimulating environment, where, immersed in French, they will be enthused with the desire to continue learning. The programme, developed by a mother and expert in Bilingualism, is designed to encourage children in the their language learning journey. Confidence and motivation play an integral role in the ultimate success of mastering any new skill.

We hope to instil both, in all the children attending Trois Pitons Colo, with inclusive games, activities and workshops, delivered through the medium of French. As a parent, it can be difficult to know the best way to support your child in the acquisition or maintenance of a second language, at Trois Pitons Colo we aim to make that support as effortless as possible.

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We are a French immersion holiday camp welcoming French and Non-French Speaking children


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